Marine Corrosion Seminar

Marine Corrosion Seminar
Day/date : 24-25 November 2016
Time     : 13:30 – 16:00


Corrosion of Engine Components Due to Lubricant Degradation of the Marine Environment Ir. Nizhamul Latif.M.SC; Asosiasi Korosi Indonesia (Indocor)
Control Corrosion and Fouling on Ships / Construction by Using Layers of Paint Protection Drs. Sundjono
ISO 19030 and How It Will Impact Owners, Charterers and Technology Providers Morten Sten Johansen, Regional Sales Director Hull Performance Solutions – Asia & Pacific, Jotun Group
Problematic Corrosion in the Marine Environment Dr.Ir. Rini Riastuti.M.Sc
Increased Component Life and Construction in The Marine Environment Dr.Ir. Triwibowo. M.Sc

Free admission by registration

For information and registration, please contact: Ms. Septi Maulana +62 813 1020 7202

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